Being Introduced to JavaFX

After I figured out how to serialize lists it was time for me to move on to a different topic. How to use JavaFX. I had heard of JavaFX previously and have been wanting to work with it, so I was really excited to being learning it.


A lot of the tutorials I found were either outdated or the resources were not collaborating with the tutorial. Thankfully, Dr. Bowring was able to help me get started using the program SceneBuilder to create fxml files easily. Using SceneBuilder I was able to familiarize myself with JavaFX and was able to do simple actions rather quickly.

Messing Around

After I was familiar with the basics of JavaFX I felt comfortable messing around a little. I thought of recreating my Pokédex like I did with the Serialization Project (see past blogs for reference). I was able to make a program that shows you four different Pokemon from user input. You could either type the name into a text field or pick an image directly from you computer to display it on the window.

The Future

Now that I was able to make a simple version I am trying to create a Pokédex with features like adding Pokemon and storing them into a csv file to display later on. Hopefully, I will be able to update more often than I have been doing. Please continue to follow me as I work with JavaFX.

Tutorials and Resources I Used

Liberica Download Center
Scene Builder Download
Oracle JavaFX Tutorial w/o SceneBuilder
Oracle JavaFX Tutorial w/ SceneBuilder